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Aspiga and Broadcaster will be touring together in September. Below are the dates and we’d love some help with booking. If you can help out, please send an e-mail to

SAT 9/8 – Washington D.C
SUN 9/9 – Richmond, VA
MON 9/10 – North Carolina/South Carolina
TUE 9/11 – Atlanta, GA
WED 9/12 – Gainesville, FL
THU 9/13 – Tallahassee, FL
FRI 9/14 – New Orleans, LA
SAT 9/15 – Austin/Houston, TX
SUN 9/16 – Dallas, TX
MON 9/17 – Memphis, TN
TUE 9/18 – St. Louis, MO
WED 9/19 – Indianapolis, IN
THU 9/20 – Pittsburgh, PA
FRI 9/21 – Scranton/Allentown/Bethlehem, PA


PO: Tense LP(new prices)

Hey everyone,
I forgot to update the page a few weeks ago. It turns out that some of the prices were changed for the pre-order for our LP, “Tense.” Please head on over to to see the updated prices. If you haven’t placed your order yet, please do and tell your friends to do the same. Thanks for the support!

Reviews: Punknews!

So Punknews posted a very nice review of our split with Hanalei. Check it out here.

The Reviews Keep Coming…

The reviews of our latest release, Aspiga/Hanalei Split Seven Inch, are starting to surface on the internet. So far, we’ve been lucky enough to get some really positive reviews. I wanted to post all of the reviews under one roof, so that it’s easier to find them. Below are all of the reviews that have been posted so far. We are expecting quite a few more over the next few weeks. If you’d like to review this album, please contact

Dying Scene
Idle and the Bear
For the Love of Punk
Stereo Killer
Jersey Beat

If you want to order the record, you can get the physical copy with an INSTANT digital download, here. Below are more places that you can order!
Jump Start Records

“Tense” Pre-Order!!!

The time has finally come. After a few years of hold ups, our full length, “Tense”, is being pressed on vinyl. Some of you have been asking about this for sometime now, so this is your chance to get a copy. The first pressing will be out of 300 and on mixed color vinyl. We owe a huge thank you to Daniel and everyone involved with Kat Kat Records for stepping up and pressing this album. We’re beyond thrilled about this news. There are currently three packages to choose from.

Package #1 – “Tense” LP + CD + Button + Poster + Sticker for $13 Postage Paid.
Package #2 – “Tense” LP + CD + Exclusive T-Shirt + Button + Poster + Sticker for $19 Postage Paid.
Package #3 – “Tense” LP + CD + Exclusive T-Shirt + “How I’m Not Feeling” Seven Inch + Button + Poster + Sticker for $25 Postage Paid.

Order your copy now at Kat Kat Records

Tickets for Upcoming Fests

Here are some links to where you can purchase tickets to some of the upcoming festivals we are playing this year.

Get Better Fest

Stay Sweet Fest

Pouzza Fest

Recording + Fests

We just finished tracking our new record. It consists of seven songs. All of the songs were recorded at the Gradwell House by Dave Downham. It looks like the mixing of the record will take place at Sigma Sound studio in Philadelphia. Their client list is a bit jaw dropping so we’re pretty excited to mix this album in their lovely studio.

It’s been a few months but, we are now finally able to talk about some of our touring plans for this Spring. We will be making appearances at Get Better Fest II, Stay Sweet Fest II, and Pouzza Fest. Our buddies, Broadcaster, will be at all three fests with us. It’s extremely cool to be a part of all three of these upcoming fests. All of the information that we have so far has been posted on our tour page. Links to the facebook event pages have been included and new information will probably be posted their quicker than here so keep an eye on that.

After Spring, we hope to post some longer touring plans. For now, this is all we have. Aw yeah!


2011 has come to an end. Our show at the North Star Bar was a great way to finish out the wonderful year of 2011. Big thanks to Andrew Miller, The North Star Bar, Luther, Smoking Popes, and everyone that attended the show. Also, a huge thank you to everyone that made 2011 such a great year for us. Now it is time to start chipping away at the new year.

I just announced all of our confirmed shows for the next two months. All of the details can be found on our tour page. All of these shows are local. We’re still waiting to confirm/announce quite a few shows and I hope to be able to do that within the next few weeks.

If there is any luck on our side, the Aspiga/Hanalei 7″s will arrive at Jump Start this week. I know that this release has been delayed for way too long now and we apologize. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. The artwork and test presses look amazing. You can still pre-order it from

If you have been oblivious to everything we’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter, then you might want to head over to and check out the 2 Sugar Sampler: Volume 3. It’s a free compilation that is STACKED with amazing music. It also features two tracks by us. One of the tracks is a brand new song that we will be recording again for our upcoming EP.

In late January, we will be heading into Gradwell House to record our new ep. As of this moment, we’re shooting for seven songs. We will be working with Dave Downham for this release and we’re beyond excited to see what we can put together.

we are still without a permanent bass player. If you think you can do the job or know of someone that could fill the hole, please contact Kevin at aspigasound at yahoo dot com.

Let’s wrap this up

It’s almost the end of the year and we’re going out with an insanely fun show. We will be the direct support for Smoking Popes on New Years Eve, at The North Star Bar, in Philadelphia. The Popes will be performing Born to Quit in its entirety. Tickets can be purchased from us or online. Also, after many delays, our split with Hanalei should be available in December. I think that this New Years Eve show will also serve as a sort of record release show for the split. Why not celebrate something else right? If you have not pre-ordered it yet, click here. 100 half blue/half red split and 200 black. The first pressing of 300 shouldn’t last too long.


I have been slacking on keeping things up to date here. We made it home from our tour with Broadcaster. It was one of the best experiences we have ever been a part of. We have already talked it over with Broadcaster and are planning to do another four day North East trip this winter. If you’re not listening to these guys yet, do yourself a favor and download Joyride.

Jump Start Records has posted the pre-order for our split 7″ with Hanalei. If you asked me, when I started this project,if we would ever be releasing a split with Hanalei on Jump Start Records, I probably would have said no. To be working with such a great musician and a record label that I’ve been following/supporting since the seventh grade is an honor. Please head on over to and pre-order a copy. The first pressing¬† of 300 is on half red/half blue split colored vinyl. The jackets will be screen printed and hand numbered. After copies are given to the bands, Jump Starts new distributor, and pre-orders are filled, there probably won’t be many copies left so I suggest ordering soon.

We are currently booking a few more shows between now and December. I am confirming shows in Philly, Baltimore, and Westmont this week. We hope to announce two to three more shows on top of those. There is also a very good chance that I will be doing a solo performance at Wayward Council at Fest 10. I’m waiting on a confirmation. These shows will be in support of our new split.

After we have finished up these shows for the year, we have confirmed some recording time to complete demo’s for our next album. This should begin in early December. Once these rough versions are finished, we’ll do a little final surgery to the songs and begin on booking studio time to complete proper recordings of the songs. As of now, it looks like it will be a six song EP.

This is our guideline for the rest of the year. I’ll be sure to post updates on the shows and recording process as we get more information. For now, follow us on twitter(@aspiganj) and like us on Facebook. I constantly update these sites with information on shows and things regarding/not regarding the band. We have quite a few pictures from the tour posted on Facebook. These next few months will be exciting.