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The Reviews Keep Coming…

The reviews of our latest release, Aspiga/Hanalei Split Seven Inch, are starting to surface on the internet. So far, we’ve been lucky enough to get some really positive reviews. I wanted to post all of the reviews under one roof, so that it’s easier to find them. Below are all of the reviews that have been posted so far. We are expecting quite a few more over the next few weeks. If you’d like to review this album, please contact

Dying Scene
Idle and the Bear
For the Love of Punk
Stereo Killer
Jersey Beat

If you want to order the record, you can get the physical copy with an INSTANT digital download, here. Below are more places that you can order!
Jump Start Records


“Tense” Pre-Order!!!

The time has finally come. After a few years of hold ups, our full length, “Tense”, is being pressed on vinyl. Some of you have been asking about this for sometime now, so this is your chance to get a copy. The first pressing will be out of 300 and on mixed color vinyl. We owe a huge thank you to Daniel and everyone involved with Kat Kat Records for stepping up and pressing this album. We’re beyond thrilled about this news. There are currently three packages to choose from.

Package #1 – “Tense” LP + CD + Button + Poster + Sticker for $13 Postage Paid.
Package #2 – “Tense” LP + CD + Exclusive T-Shirt + Button + Poster + Sticker for $19 Postage Paid.
Package #3 – “Tense” LP + CD + Exclusive T-Shirt + “How I’m Not Feeling” Seven Inch + Button + Poster + Sticker for $25 Postage Paid.

Order your copy now at Kat Kat Records

Tickets for Upcoming Fests

Here are some links to where you can purchase tickets to some of the upcoming festivals we are playing this year.

Get Better Fest

Stay Sweet Fest

Pouzza Fest