Recording + Fests

We just finished tracking our new record. It consists of seven songs. All of the songs were recorded at the Gradwell House by Dave Downham. It looks like the mixing of the record will take place at Sigma Sound studio in Philadelphia. Their client list is a bit jaw dropping so we’re pretty excited to mix this album in their lovely studio.

It’s been a few months but, we are now finally able to talk about some of our touring plans for this Spring. We will be making appearances at Get Better Fest II, Stay Sweet Fest II, and Pouzza Fest. Our buddies, Broadcaster, will be at all three fests with us. It’s extremely cool to be a part of all three of these upcoming fests. All of the information that we have so far has been posted on our tour page. Links to the facebook event pages have been included and new information will probably be posted their quicker than here so keep an eye on that.

After Spring, we hope to post some longer touring plans. For now, this is all we have. Aw yeah!


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