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The reviews keep rolling in…

Here is another write up about Tense from Ride The Tempo. Check it out here.


Here is another write up about Tense from Rockindiependencia. Check it out here.

New Review by Start Something NJ

If you’re not aware of Start Something NJ, you need to change that. They were kind enough to write a review on our album. Please read up and keep an eye out for everything they have coming up. Shows, music, reviews, so much good stuff! Check it out here.

Download S/T for free!

Last night I uploaded the entire S/T album to our bandcamp page. We’re offering it as a free download. Please share it and enjoy it. You can grab the album here.

Another review

Here is a little write up about Tense from Brave As Noun. Check it out here.

“Oh Philadelphia” at Pallet Town – Flemington, NJ

Album Review

Dying Scene posted a review of Tense. We are expecting quite a few more over the next couple of weeks. You can read it here!


So wordpress has allowed us to put together a fairly decent webpage at the cost of “on the house”. It’s pretty easy to navigate/update and such so I will try my best to keep this interesting and up to date. Yesterday, Jump Start Records announced our upcoming split with Hanalei. We’re extremely excited about this release and can’t wait for everyone to hear our tracks. You can find the update here. We have two shows this weekend with Trunks and Tales. Check out the tour page for details.